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* If only I was this sm*rt

Kirjoitettu 10.04.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa ghost, sarjakuva.

* Sick so have some digital sketches!!

Kirjoitettu 3.04.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa robots, taide.

captain lame'o




this actually turned out fine



what a view


this is indeed the cutest even if I say so myself


So yeah, I’ve mostly worked on sketches and traditional work. Comic strips are coming back next week, I promise. I might even make a cameo here, wootwoot! After such a long time but I got time.

Until then…. BYE!



I'm Jon; your designated illustrator-artist-person.

will post pictures of robots and monster
unfortunately no pictures of spiderman

Blog is definitely NSFW about 40-60% of the time so be careful i guess.

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