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* Oh, monster-se-se-se-se-senpai-sama-kun!

Kirjoitettu 30.05.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa sarjakuva.

A comic I did in Turku, don’t have the original anymore so you get to enjoy this wonderful camera version of it


* I found a pen nib and tried it and i dont know what to do anymore

Kirjoitettu 29.05.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa taide, Yleinen.

I’ve been experimenting with themes and everything recently. This is one of them.

I have a lot of things/sketches done, none of it scanned.


* The one that stands alone

Kirjoitettu 28.05.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa Yleinen.

I really, really like this sketch of Rodimus.

I can probably never mimic the atmosphere of this piece ever again.

…AAAAAND all that emotion is lost if you don’t care about Rodimus/Transformers so AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA THAT’ST THAT.


* This is what I’ve been doing

Kirjoitettu 27.05.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa robots, taide.


I found a neat brush setting.

And I’ve sketched robots.

Oh so many Transformers (from MTMTE in particular)

Just one brush and some layer adjusting in Photoshop.

This is only a small part of them.

I ruined my hand while doing these and now I haven’t been able to use my wacom for 2 weeks. But maybe this week is gonna be better.



* It doesn’t hurt, really

Kirjoitettu 27.05.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa ghost, sarjakuva.


I’m so lazy, sorry not sorry. You will soon see why I’ve been absent.



I'm Jon; your designated illustrator-artist-person.

will post pictures of robots and monster
unfortunately no pictures of spiderman

Blog is definitely NSFW about 40-60% of the time so be careful i guess.

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