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* no don’t do it but you did it anyway.

Kirjoitettu 22.01.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa ghost, JAM, sarjakuva.

* Osa II alkupalku, joku palko

Kirjoitettu 17.07.2013 - jonjon. Kategoriassa JAM, sarjakuva.

I still dunno what I am doing.

*ollies into the sun*



* JAM 1

Kirjoitettu 5.02.2013 - jonjon. Kategoriassa fiction or not?, JAM, sarjakuva.

No one said this was going to be solely about reality of my life.

This will make sense next week.


* My spirit animal is a ghost

Kirjoitettu 1.02.2013 - jonjon. Kategoriassa fiction or not?, JAM, sarjakuva.

I think it was just a poor soul passing through our apartment when we suddenly connected



* Future of this blog

Kirjoitettu 30.01.2013 - jonjon. Kategoriassa JAM, sarjakuva.

Briefly in English: Me thinking about this blog and people will realize what kinda person I am: stupid and mad.



Kirjoitettu 28.01.2013 - jonjon. Kategoriassa JAM, taide.

Next time there will be comics/diary type of thing, I promise.

Now I will talk briefly about this blog, why I did this and why the name. Literally a short one; like 3 lines of texts and two pictures.

Why a blog?

– There really is no one specific reason to do this; more just because I can and will. And it’s a good chance to develop and make better comics.

Why the name of the blog is zombiecakes?

– I like zombies/awesome things and because my mom is a baker, cakes/sweet things have been a big part of my life since I was a kid. And there will be zombies in this blog; buckets of them actually.

Look at it and say it's not cool


Zombies and cakes




I'm Jon; your designated illustrator-artist-person.

will post pictures of robots and monster
unfortunately no pictures of spiderman

Blog is definitely NSFW about 40-60% of the time so be careful i guess.

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