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* Inktober 2k16

Kirjoitettu 29.10.2016 - jonjon. Kategoriassa taide.

Some of the works I’ve done for Inktober 2016!

inktober6 inktober8 inktober14 inktober15 inktober22 inktober27


* of men and men

Kirjoitettu 11.09.2016 - jonjon. Kategoriassa nsfw, taide, Yleinen.

for real tho; most cis!men  are really funky and today’s society seems to be filled w/ toxic masculinity

doesnt mean i hate drawing them: quite the opposite!

here have some rando digi & traditional drawings of diff men (ALSO BTW THERE’S A PEEEEEENIS ON THE SECOND PIC BTW) july_2016_0002





* Jännittävää kamaa

Kirjoitettu 24.07.2015 - jonjon. Kategoriassa taide, Yleinen.


Yritän siis joka toinen viikko taas tänne päivittää enemmän kamaa. Nyt oon olly lomalla niin ei oo tullu laitettua mitään.

MUTTA! Ihan tällei kesän kunniaks pieni välinevinkki: Tanskan Tiimarista eli Tiger-kaupasta saa gel ink-kyniä ja ne on maan mainioita. Saa punaisena, mustana ja sinisenä. Kaikkein parasta on hinta: 2 klp maksaa euron.

Täs muutama työ, jotka on nyt niillä vääntäny. Mukavia täytyy sanoa.

Muutenki on männä kesä lähinnä perinteistä taidetta harjotellen verrattuna viime vuoteen jolloin tein vaa digitaalista.

md_canonoutfit_pienempi bloodymdandnino_0002



* Hey!

Kirjoitettu 20.03.2015 - jonjon. Kategoriassa taide.

Been a bit quiet again but hey! Gonna prolly be more active because I was hugely inspired by the Feminist comic residence I attended this week (or at least tried to but I had work)

Here’s BW sketches. I’ll post more stuff later now that I actually feel like it, aaaw yis.



* Photoshop getting outta hand

Kirjoitettu 15.07.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa taide.

bluelady_wipp copy

I’ve been doodling and drawing with photoshop like mad. I found one 4 year old sketch and I REBOOTED IT HARDCORE (the original sketch is poop)

Is this considered a digital painting? I don’t know really.

Might finally do some comics digitally and all :I


* I found a pen nib and tried it and i dont know what to do anymore

Kirjoitettu 29.05.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa taide, Yleinen.

I’ve been experimenting with themes and everything recently. This is one of them.

I have a lot of things/sketches done, none of it scanned.


* This is what I’ve been doing

Kirjoitettu 27.05.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa robots, taide.


I found a neat brush setting.

And I’ve sketched robots.

Oh so many Transformers (from MTMTE in particular)

Just one brush and some layer adjusting in Photoshop.

This is only a small part of them.

I ruined my hand while doing these and now I haven’t been able to use my wacom for 2 weeks. But maybe this week is gonna be better.



* Sick so have some digital sketches!!

Kirjoitettu 3.04.2014 - jonjon. Kategoriassa robots, taide.

captain lame'o




this actually turned out fine



what a view


this is indeed the cutest even if I say so myself


So yeah, I’ve mostly worked on sketches and traditional work. Comic strips are coming back next week, I promise. I might even make a cameo here, wootwoot! After such a long time but I got time.

Until then…. BYE!


* Project Cake!!!

Kirjoitettu 1.10.2013 - jonjon. Kategoriassa harjoittelu, project cake, sarjakuva, taide.


Have I ever mentioned this before? Me doing a big comic? Like other than just these ghost creatures?

No?? Not really??? Because I’m part of the infamous clan of procrastinators who just doodle stuff at home and never do absolutely everything.

Hopefully next year will see a change to that as I hope to have time (and money, sheesh) to start this project. I want to do it by hand, all from inking to colouring..


I don’t wanna tell too much yet but BUT the comic will have robots and zombies and monkeys. It’s basically gonna be post-apocalyptic science-fantasy…. about baking. Because I adore post-apocalyptic stuff; it’s the best and gives room for funky evolutions and development. And I love cooking and stuff so sure, why not? But yeah, I’ll update what’s happening.

And a chance to draw robotzombies? COUNT ME IN.

The shopkeeper is 1000% done.


The monkey here is the famous ”cream monkey” aka ”kerma-apina” some people might know.

He actually has a name now!

I decided to call him Monty. He’s a… baker. Yes, let’s go with that.

Something went terrible wrong here


ofc there's gonna be lots of robots


And give me a break guys about the name, it was like 3am when I came up with it. It’s not the actual name of the comic, urgh.
Also no Portal jokes or I will kick your face in.


* Elossa tjuuu.

Kirjoitettu 12.07.2013 - jonjon. Kategoriassa taide, Yleinen.

Tjuu, oon elos.

Tiesin et tää blogi jää kevättauolle ku alotin tän tietty just kun oli alla valmistuminen ja kaikki muutki projektit. Jes.

Mutta nyt on kiireet takana ja tiiän jopa mitä teen: Ens viikon ke (17.7) mennessä on ilmestynyt blogisarjist ainki yks artikkeli siitä mistä aioinkin alunperin; elämää ja fantasiaa sekasi.

Sitä odotellessa pieni kuva-arvoistus siit mitä oon tehny koko kevään:

*ollies into the sun*





I'm Jon; your designated illustrator-artist-person.

will post pictures of robots and monster
unfortunately no pictures of spiderman

Blog is definitely NSFW about 40-60% of the time so be careful i guess.

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